• Melt Pressure Sensors Filled with Nontoxic Liquid-Metal Alloy

    Melt pressure sensors from BCM SENSOR are designed to measure pressures of melt medium of high temperatures (up to 400 °C). The melt pressure sensor employs metal foil strain gauge (MfSG) from BCM SENSOR as the sensing element, and has its wetted parts and housing made from stainless steel (SS) in order to comply with […]
  • FD101 Force Sensor Dies for Multiple Applications of Force Measuring

    FD101 force sensor die features a footprint of only 1.3mm x 1.3mm and possesses a full Wheatstone bridge circuit of 2.4 kΩ bridge resistance. The four resistors of the Wheatstone bridge circuit are oriented as shown in the picture below to form the pattern which is similar o EB-series metal foil strain gauges from BCM […]
  • 158A Force Transducer of Ultra-Low Profile

    158A force transducer is developed for applications which need to measure low force (down to 0.7N) or to monitor small displacement. Thanks to the metal foil strain gauge technology, temperature change over the operating temperature range a very limited effect on the output of 158A. Another good news is that recently the capacity of 158A […]
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